Monday, January 6, 2014

Watch Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 13 "Anchors" Online Free Stream


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With Lydia's and Ethan's help, Derek and Cora go on the run from Kali, which results in Aiden switching sides along with Ethan. However they are forced to face Jennifer at Derek's loft. Jennifer kills Kali and wounds the Twins, and also sends a message to Derek by using Lydia. Jennifer manages to make Derek help her kill Deucalion, while Cora and Lydia take the Twins to Alan to be healed. Deucalion and Scott team up and send Jennifer a message on where to meet. Allison and Isaac find out where their parents are and free them, only for a storm to cause the ground to sink in, trapping them. Stiles accidentally crashes his car and gets knocked out.

Alan approaches Stiles with a way to find out where their parents are, which they find Scott and convince him to do it. While having to "temporary" kill them (which includes Allison), they will be able to find out where the cellar is, but will have to live with a darkness around their hearts for the rest of their lives. Alan also mentions that the process will attract other supernatural beings, ones that they have yet to see. As Scott, Allison, and Stiles get into tubs of ice, Stiles reveals to Scott that his "father is in town", revealing that the FBI agent from earlier is actually Scott's father. Just as they are pushed under, they manage to discover that they all have seen the cellar since the very "beginning" and that their interactions weren't as coincidental as they originally thought. Reviving themselves, they manage to come back to life and plan what their next move is.

Here’s some growl-worthy news about Teen Wolf: Executive Producer Jeff Davis told E! that an upcoming storyline in the second half of Season 3 has spin-off potential!

Davis told the news site that he envisioned the introduction of a Kitsune as a possible spin-off, saying, "I shouldn't say this because who knows if there would be a chance of it, I wanted to do it as a spin-off, as its own show. Partly because I wanted to try doing a female character, our version of a Buffy, but the Kitsune myth is just such a good myth. She's a shapeshifter, but she can sometimes be a beautiful woman or she can be tree or she can shapeshift into a mountain.”

WHOA. Making a Buffy comparison is pretty bold, but we like where this is going. And although he wouldn’t confirm that newly-added character Kira (Arden Cho) is the Kitsune, he did say that there’s something going on with that girl by teasing, “You'll find out what she is." Since Jeff also mentioned that Arden is a black belt and that she’ll be using some of her skills, it seems like a good bet that she’ll end up being the mythical shapeshifter. 

And as for where Season 3 picks up, Davis said the first two episodes will deal with the aftermath of Scott, Stiles, and Allison’s whole “bringing darkness into their lives to save their parents” thing. Jeff revealed, "We deal with what it means for all three of them in their lives, their relationships and their futures. I can say we definitely come back into the story with our characters deeply affected." Sounds heavy.

Speaking of Allison, what about her budding romance with Scott’s BFF, Issac? Davis refuses to call it a “love triangle”, saying the writers wanted a different spin on the typical situation: "Instead of the jealousy and the she's mine, she belongs to me, I wanted to actually approach it with, 'What if this is a breakup and what if this is real and what if my best friend starts dating her?’ I think that's something you don't see often in teen dramas, which is that people do breakup and they see their best friends date them … It's definitely addressed quite a bit in some funny scenes in the first few episodes."